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For nearly a year now, drought and famine ran rampant through the lands of Iron Bound. Our warriors, though numerous and many, struggled behind impervious fortifications to a threat they couldn’t prepare for. The days of fruitful promise were shortly followed by the neglectful hand of nature, leaving us to the mercy of an angry god that deemed our actions necessary for a bombardment of ice and snow. In the harsh cold, where nothing grew and no flame could spark, we waited impatiently and hungrily for a moment of mercy.

            That moment has arrived. Though our mead halls do not comfort as much as they once did, the drink manages to flow just enough to fuel our brave warriors through their campaigns. The harsh winter dwindled our numbers down to only a small fraction, but they now march into other lands with our banners held high in a bold campaign to regain our strength and rejuvenate our blessed lands of Iron Bound. Coin, food, and wine pours into our capital, along with stories of quest and bravery.

            The light of June not only brings lands pregnant with food, it bares tales of racial persecution led by humans, a quest for treasure, a clash of sword and sorcery, shady alchemy, a demonic encounter, and more. Michael Conrad’s tale of a night of fire, despair, and baseless persecution will remind us how easily cultures can clash. K. A. Masters reports of unclaimed treasure somewhere in the ruins of an old mill. Jonathan Kirkwood, a champion more gifted in words than at sword, returned with food and mead acquired from an alliance after granting a general a moment of his time.

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Iron Bound Update

First, please excuse any missing “i”s as my keyboard has past its time.

Iron Bound is pleased to announce that an exciting third issue is within days of being released. A lot of time has passed since our second issue, so I can understand if some may wonder if I’m simply full of hot air. No, I am not. I can assure you that the third issue is very real and it is very good.

But why is the third issue so good? Well, do you like sword and sorcery? Do you like tales of brave adventurers engaging in a life threatening quest? Do you like stories of racial clash?

If you answered yes to any of these then you will love it. If you answered no, then why are you here? Why are you even here if you answered no to these? If you seriously answered no and refuse to leave then you, sir, are a fool.

This issue is loaded with material and will please any fan of fantasy.

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A New Fantasy Series unveiled

To bolster our efforts to become an all important fantasy ezine, we reached inward with eager hands for a set of stories that are sure to do Iron Bound well. Proudly, we present to you a series plagued with distrust, escalating tension, racial prejudice, and massing armies as several nations try to survive in a world that was once balanced and sensible. Lemora: The Chronicles of the Green Reign, storms through with vast cultures filled with life and pride positioned to relive the conflict of their forgotten ancestors. The Lemorians, a prideful reptilian race, explores the lush lands of Bella, but a tribe of Grizkins, bear-kin native to the lands south of Bella, welcome them with brutal combat.

Here is a taste:

The strong, overbearing scent of spilt blood chased a hint of morning dew as Sir Helmon’s most skillful warrior received a fatal blow. Fallen, the heavily wounded combatant bled profusely from his severed arm, but he kept back the cowardly screams. He seethed in agonizing torment, while refusing to reveal any sign of weakness. Never wound he give his enemy the pleasure of ridiculing his defeat. Instead, he cursed quietly under his dying breath as specks of blood decked his reptilian mouth. He searched within for a way to cease the pain, while he gripped the handle of his sword with all the power he could muster. The throbbing sensation pulled on him as he rose with the help of his own undying courage. With the blade embedded into the blood stained earth, Sir Ruthra pried himself from off the grass and gave his commander one final look. Knowing that his future held only the promise of death delivered by the kiss of his rival’s claws, the warrior’s gaze needed no affirmation. Instead, the soldier ordered with silence for the commander to allow for his reach for glory. Confirmation received regardless of acceptance, and Sir Ruthra, a champion of the Lemorian army, lunged for the bristly savage that so boldly shouted victory towards his kin. The provoking taunts infuriated the other Lemorians, but they anxiously waited for their duelist to strike back.

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Iron Bound Update

From the start of this ezine, I knew what to expect for hits and readership, but the numbers have actually surprised me. I don’t like relying solely on stats, as I enjoy hearing peoples personal anecdotes, but this month has proved to me that Iron Bound has potential for growth. On the contrary, almost going against the expectation, the submissions have been rather light, and not wanting to deliver anything other then our best, we are forced to delay the next release.

I know this is dissappointing, and some will even be upset, but this decision was made with Iron Bound’s best intentions in mind.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that a fresh series will be unveiling very soon. Something that none of you would want to miss. Check back after the holidays for more information.

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Iron Bound December 2010 Release

IBDEC2010Iron Bound launches its second issue containing promising fantasy-based content. Betrayals and inner politics of Achmages, discovered scrolls of a battle fought during bleak, chaotic time, and a poem inspired by Indian mythology.

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Iron Bound Update 11-04-10

While our brave and bold warriors reach out across the net bearing a message of our existance, we’ve received word of an increase in submissions. This is great news, great news indeed. One of which is from out cousins in the far, distant eastern lands, and it delivers not just an entartaining tale, but a illustration of an unfamiliar world.

The next edition is currently in the works, and is set for December 1st.

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Iron Bound Update–10-30-10

I shall see to it that our sacred home away from the mundane demands of reality receives a weekly update, or at least a bi-weekly update, so that silence will be hard press to dominate. Silence leads good men and women astray in fear that this online sanctuary has lost its king, his royal guards, and the meaning his banner once stood for.

Iron Bound, like any hatchling fresh from the egg, is just beginning to grow. Right now, it might be small and frail, but soon enough, faster than you know, it will grow powerful. As we speak, we are recruiting artists from the far lands to decorate our bland walls. We seek the barbs, the oracles, and the wanderers for their tales, poems, and firelight stories.

As of right now, we have some, but in order to choose from the selection, we need more. I’m sorry to say that there won’t be an Iron Bound edition this month, but that doesn’t mean we will sit and stew in our failure.

We will take the moment that the gods have given us and revisit the tales of the previous issue. We will share comments, opinions, and much more over the progress of our fellow brothers and sisters (other websites in the genre).

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Iron Bound’s first issue!

The first issue of Iron Bound has received a lot of recognition in just a few days. I’m hoping that those that read it enjoyed the content. The layouts in the online magazine were put together so that on appearance alone Iron Bound would stand apart from its demented sister, Deadman’s Tome.
Currently we have plans on including editorials but as to what exactly hasn’t been decided.

We want to know what you want!

Please, share with everyone why you voted they way you did. If you don’t, then we’ll be coming over to your house with a demand for answers. Not really, we wouldn’t be able to afford the gas.

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Iron Bound’s First issue now available!

Iron Bound Online Magazine

The first issue of Iron Bound is ready for download. We empower you to storm our tower with your numbers, breach our walls with a blood-crazed frenzy, and take from us our treasure trove of stories.

Iron Bound is now ready! Download your free copy today and read it in a completely portable 100% safe and easy to use PDF file. Read it on your computer, on you laptop, on your droid, on your e-reader, or anything else that handles documents.

This edition includes five wonderful stories, all of which themed heavily with images of swords and sorcery but with different degrees. A flash fiction trilogy of sorts entertains us with a string of unusual imagery and perspective. Though not headlined by the tattered banners of war or drenched in the blood of fallen combatants, the tales are truly unique and absurd, there for they belong just as much as any of the other stories. Sailing to Valhalla by David J. West is, I dare to say, probably the one story in this edition that echoes that of traditional folklore. Notions of respect, of fairness, and honor drawn by a race that quickly turns for the worse. Behold Now the Behemoth….

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Time is appraoching

The arrival of the very first edition of Iron Bound coasts on the tails of the upcoming month. I recommend those willing to submit, understand that their hard work will not go ignored. They will be honored, a Mead Hall will be constructed in their honor, and their stories will impress the minds of a thousand souls*.

*The mead hall is not literal, but that is a good name for this magazine’s author shrine.

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