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A New Fantasy Series unveiled

To bolster our efforts to become an all important fantasy ezine, we reached inward with eager hands for a set of stories that are sure to do Iron Bound well. Proudly, we present to you a series plagued with distrust, … Continue reading

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Iron Bound Update–10-30-10

I shall see to it that our sacred home away from the mundane demands of reality receives a weekly update, or at least a bi-weekly update, so that silence will be hard press to dominate. Silence leads good men and … Continue reading

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Iron Bound’s first issue!

The first issue of Iron Bound has received a lot of recognition in just a few days. I’m hoping that those that read it enjoyed the content. The layouts in the online magazine were put together so that on appearance … Continue reading

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Iron Bound’s First issue now available!

Iron Bound is now ready! Download your free copy today and read it in a completely portable 100% safe and easy to use PDF file. Read it on your computer, on you laptop, on your droid, on your e-reader, or anything else that handles documents. Continue reading

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Time is appraoching

The arrival of the very first edition of Iron Bound coasts on the tails of the upcoming month. I recommend those willing to submit, understand that their hard work will not go ignored. They will be honored, a Mead Hall … Continue reading

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For those that do not know, the first edition of Iron Bound has been delayed to allow more submissions to collect. The more we have, the better our selection, the better our selection the better the content in the magazine.

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