The editor exposed

Ty Johnston conducted an interview with me a few months back. For those that haven’t read it, here is the link

The information in the interview may serve the daring contributos well as they labor away on their glorious pieces. I eagerly wait for more submissions, and wish the best of luck to all that submit, but I recommend you read the interview.

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For those that do not know, the first edition of Iron Bound has been delayed to allow more submissions to collect. The more we have, the better our selection, the better our selection the better the content in the magazine.

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Heed My Call

Attention authors, whether acclaimed or aspiring, we’re open for submission. The deadline for your chance to be featured in the very first issue of Iron Bound is August 1st.


Waiting for tales of champions

While I satisfy my thirst with another pint of mead I can think of nothing better than to be rewarded with glorious tales of war heroes bathed in the blood of the fallen, but what do I get? Broken phrases of incoherent babble about a bunch of pansy vampires that glisten int he sunlight, is this what you think Iron Bound is about? Our humble home may be new but that doesn’t mean that we will approve of such rubbish. 

We empower you talented writers to submit to us you finely written tales of fantastic, blood drenched battlefields, fire summoning wizards, and bloodthirsty warriors.

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Submission Guidelines

For those that have decided they have what it takes to become a legend in the Iron Bound Online Magazine, you may continue reading as the information pertains to you. For the others, you encourage you to read the magazine and gain further insight about our particular picks.

Medium: Poetry, Short story, Flash fiction, serials, and columns

Format: Doc, Docx, RTF, and such. (If we can’t open it, we’ll let you know)

Word count: no more than 8000 words, unless it is that good.

Pay: $0

Authors of any accepted and published submission will NOT be paid, but will receive recognition, credit and experience. The original creator, being the credited name on the work or within the submission of the work, still retains the rights of the work. A published work can consist of all of the following; being shown on the Iron Bound website, or any of its subdirectories, or published on the Ezine. If the original owner wishes to cease publication they must inform us before publication date, if it is after publication the owner then has 15 days to notify us so that we can pull the respected item*. By granting us the right to publish, whether for compensation or not, it will lose First Publishing Rights and would be considered a reprint for future publications, in which case the value would be negatively affected.

*Any time table, unless otherwise noted, is subjected to a reasonable grace period that may change based on situation.

Send all submission to

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Stained Fresh with Blood…

stained fresh with blood are the armor, weapons, and flesh on our war-torn bodies. We favor the taste of combat, storming into the fray in the name of our fallen brethren, taking the heads of our opposing champions, delivering to them their justly due. We rise from the chaos of battle scarred and wounded, but the pain let’s us know we’re alive. Like savage beasts that know of no other way, we dive into another frenzy of blood and steel knowing that to die in the reach for glory is far better than to die a coward, tiresome, and boring life.

What do you have to say for yourself? Are you a coward, or do you wish to join us? Send to us your submissions of fantasy no longer than 8000 words. Entice us, you bards, with your poetry so that we can relive our virtuous tales in the warmth of fire and drink. Send us your stories, you oracles, so that we may be better prepared for the next onslaught.

Iron Bound Magazine is an online magazine focusing strictly on everything and anything fantasy. Tales of sword and sorcery, tales of wizards, tales of elves and orcs, tales of thieves and kings, and such are all welcomed. We are open for submissions.

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