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For nearly a year now, drought and famine ran rampant through the lands of Iron Bound. Our warriors, though numerous and many, struggled behind impervious fortifications to a threat they couldn’t prepare for. The days of fruitful promise were shortly followed by the neglectful hand of nature, leaving us to the mercy of an angry god that deemed our actions necessary for a bombardment of ice and snow. In the harsh cold, where nothing grew and no flame could spark, we waited impatiently and hungrily for a moment of mercy.

            That moment has arrived. Though our mead halls do not comfort as much as they once did, the drink manages to flow just enough to fuel our brave warriors through their campaigns. The harsh winter dwindled our numbers down to only a small fraction, but they now march into other lands with our banners held high in a bold campaign to regain our strength and rejuvenate our blessed lands of Iron Bound. Coin, food, and wine pours into our capital, along with stories of quest and bravery.

            The light of June not only brings lands pregnant with food, it bares tales of racial persecution led by humans, a quest for treasure, a clash of sword and sorcery, shady alchemy, a demonic encounter, and more. Michael Conrad’s tale of a night of fire, despair, and baseless persecution will remind us how easily cultures can clash. K. A. Masters reports of unclaimed treasure somewhere in the ruins of an old mill. Jonathan Kirkwood, a champion more gifted in words than at sword, returned with food and mead acquired from an alliance after granting a general a moment of his time.

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About Jesse Dedman

Author of several short stories, a few books, and a ton of extra stuff.
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