Iron Bound’s First issue now available!

Iron Bound Online Magazine

The first issue of Iron Bound is ready for download. We empower you to storm our tower with your numbers, breach our walls with a blood-crazed frenzy, and take from us our treasure trove of stories.

Iron Bound is now ready! Download your free copy today and read it in a completely portable 100% safe and easy to use PDF file. Read it on your computer, on you laptop, on your droid, on your e-reader, or anything else that handles documents.

This edition includes five wonderful stories, all of which themed heavily with images of swords and sorcery but with different degrees. A flash fiction trilogy of sorts entertains us with a string of unusual imagery and perspective. Though not headlined by the tattered banners of war or drenched in the blood of fallen combatants, the tales are truly unique and absurd, there for they belong just as much as any of the other stories. Sailing to Valhalla by David J. West is, I dare to say, probably the one story in this edition that echoes that of traditional folklore. Notions of respect, of fairness, and honor drawn by a race that quickly turns for the worse. Behold Now the Behemoth….


About Jesse Dedman

Author of several short stories, a few books, and a ton of extra stuff.
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One Response to Iron Bound’s First issue now available!

  1. White_Beard says:

    As I understand it, every new beginning starts off on frail legs, and Iron Bound is not any different. The first edition acts as a solid preview of what is to come, but not without exposing its roughness. More polish is needed, and in time I’m sure the guys behind this will make it happen.

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