A New Fantasy Series unveiled

To bolster our efforts to become an all important fantasy ezine, we reached inward with eager hands for a set of stories that are sure to do Iron Bound well. Proudly, we present to you a series plagued with distrust, escalating tension, racial prejudice, and massing armies as several nations try to survive in a world that was once balanced and sensible. Lemora: The Chronicles of the Green Reign, storms through with vast cultures filled with life and pride positioned to relive the conflict of their forgotten ancestors. The Lemorians, a prideful reptilian race, explores the lush lands of Bella, but a tribe of Grizkins, bear-kin native to the lands south of Bella, welcome them with brutal combat.

Here is a taste:

The strong, overbearing scent of spilt blood chased a hint of morning dew as Sir Helmon’s most skillful warrior received a fatal blow. Fallen, the heavily wounded combatant bled profusely from his severed arm, but he kept back the cowardly screams. He seethed in agonizing torment, while refusing to reveal any sign of weakness. Never wound he give his enemy the pleasure of ridiculing his defeat. Instead, he cursed quietly under his dying breath as specks of blood decked his reptilian mouth. He searched within for a way to cease the pain, while he gripped the handle of his sword with all the power he could muster. The throbbing sensation pulled on him as he rose with the help of his own undying courage. With the blade embedded into the blood stained earth, Sir Ruthra pried himself from off the grass and gave his commander one final look. Knowing that his future held only the promise of death delivered by the kiss of his rival’s claws, the warrior’s gaze needed no affirmation. Instead, the soldier ordered with silence for the commander to allow for his reach for glory. Confirmation received regardless of acceptance, and Sir Ruthra, a champion of the Lemorian army, lunged for the bristly savage that so boldly shouted victory towards his kin. The provoking taunts infuriated the other Lemorians, but they anxiously waited for their duelist to strike back.


About Jesse Dedman

Author of several short stories, a few books, and a ton of extra stuff.
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