Submission Guidelines

For those that have decided they have what it takes to become a legend in the Iron Bound Online Magazine, you may continue reading as the information pertains to you. For the others, you encourage you to read the magazine and gain further insight about our particular picks.

Medium: Poetry, Short story, Flash fiction, serials, and columns

Format: Doc, Docx, RTF, and such. (If we can’t open it, we’ll let you know)

Word count: no more than 8000 words, unless it is that good.

Pay: $0

Authors of any accepted and published submission will NOT be paid, but will receive recognition, credit and experience. The original creator, being the credited name on the work or within the submission of the work, still retains the rights of the work. A published work can consist of all of the following; being shown on the Iron Bound website, or any of its subdirectories, or published on the Ezine. If the original owner wishes to cease publication they must inform us before publication date, if it is after publication the owner then has 15 days to notify us so that we can pull the respected item*. By granting us the right to publish, whether for compensation or not, it will lose First Publishing Rights and would be considered a reprint for future publications, in which case the value would be negatively affected.

*Any time table, unless otherwise noted, is subjected to a reasonable grace period that may change based on situation.

Send all submission to


About Jesse Dedman

Author of several short stories, a few books, and a ton of extra stuff.
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